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Damn…………where the fuck have I been?

AW13  LCM Martine rose presentation
Molotov @ sxsw on Flickr.
Tuba Gooding Jr of The Roots at Austin City Limits on Flickr.
Aldo Rise on Flickr.Via Flickr:
Also Rise shoes were worn during Roksanda Ilincic Catwalk show at the Savoy during LFW AW13.
Haizhen Wang Pre show Rehearsals AW13 LFW
Hellen Van Rees Catwalk on Flickr.

Photo by Dreadheadphoto
No time to spare..

Spring is finally here and SXSW blew through Austin so fast I almost missed it. I did take the time to head down to sixth street and took some snaps. 

I make it a habit to grab a hotdog from “the Best Wurst” whenever I’m on sixth that is something I can’t pass on. 

Down the alley

Dreads keeps you grounded..

Between shows.. Down time is always around the corner.

Food in a pot. 

IFC.. Drinks between stops.

Captain Morgan show..

Coffee break and getting the shows lineup. 

Some Street entertainment from Mr. Bonetango


Now He’s got the crowd going. 

Fastest way around downtown. 

 Don’t loose that buzzz.. 

Vader made it down.. 

I made it to my stop.. 

Reading Material
How did I get myself into this? 
1st pass with Illustrator. 
Freelance does not mean Free work.

I got this very interesting offer a few months earlier, the praising made it sound like a fashion spread for a local publication. I said yeah I’ll do it but I needed to have some questions answered, I’ve been dealing with editors lately and this sounded a little bit strange to me, they usually know what they are looking for and who they need to go to for their spreads and photo stories. After pushing for answers, I was directed to a makeup artist involved in the shoot.

So, I fired out my questions and the answers I got was totally different from the spread story that was the intro into this adventure. It turned out it was for an ad in the publication, my response was I don’t do ad work for free and I turned the offer down.

Who in their right mind would do something like this for free? I know I’m a freelance photographer that does not mean I’ll work for free while you’re paying to put that ad in the pub. I’m not getting any fraction of the sales from your ad work and your not giving those customers that walk through your front door free products and services. How are photographers supposed to make a living doing free work. Rent, photoshop and equipment were not free I had to pay for all those.

Anyways, I thought that was the end of it but earlier this week I saw the ad in the publication. They did get a sucker to do it for free and guess what I know that sucker.    

What it really cost to get a like on facebook!!.